Monday, August 10, 2015

my top 5 faves of the summer

4 days till my summer holiday will officially over and I thought I could express my top 5 faves of the summer.
1. Teen Wolf/ Good Wife
I have done quite a bit of netflixing and tv series watching, caught up with these two shows this summer and have been obsessed. Still keeping up with Teen Wolf as I am team Stydia all the way and can not wait for the next season of Good Wife to start, my favorite character is Eli Gold. 
2. Contouring
This summer I decided to step up my make up game, as NYX bronzer and Color Pop Highlighter are my new best friends. Simplistic way to have summery looking skin.
3. White Birkenstocks
I know I know I am a hippie! But they have been the pair of shoe I have gone to the most and I don't regret it. Mine are the knock off kind but still comfy and hipsterish. White Birkenstocks
4. H20
Been very hydrated this summer, so something must be in the water. I usually prefer pop or tea but something about ice water with lemon sounds so refreshing and delicious.
5. Song of the summer
Lastly my music addictions have been all over the place this summer from alternative indie to rap that mama and daddy ain't proud of. But I would have to say my song of #SUMMER2K15 is.....

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